Why aren’t more of us doing deadlifts?

Lack of understanding about the exercise and it’s benefits.

I have a confession to make, I never used do deadlifts. This exercise seemed unnecessary for my goals because I primarily just wanted to look good naked (at that particular time in my life). I also wanted to be strong as hell too, but I just assumed deadlifts were more for professional bodybuilders and powerlifters.

The reality is that deadlifts can benefit anyone who wants a stronger, sexier body. And ladies, they work your butt quite nicely by the way.

Why deadlift, what’s the point?

how-to-deadliftThe deadlift is the most important compound exercise next to the squat because it activates virtually every muscle in your body with the heaviest weights possible. Secondly, they will teach you to pick things up off the ground with a straight back; this will prevent injuries like hernias.

Why are deadlifts a legendary exercise for bodybuilders?

Lengendary? Yes, this is because the pulling movement is one of the most effective movements for overall lower-back and leg strength. Deadlifts hit your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and entire core. Between doing these and squats I literally don’t find it necessary to do any extra ab-work.

How to Deadlift Properly

Deadlifting is picking a weighted barbell up off from the ground to a resting position around hip level. This exercise can be intimidating and awkward at first, but if you start with the fundamentals you can rock this exercise in no time:

  • Stand behind a barbell that is placed on the floor in front of you. Your stance is about shoulder width apart with your feet pointed ahead.
  • You should now lower your butt until your quads are roughly parallel to the floor. The bar should be just ahead of your shins.
  • Place your hands about shoulder width apart, maybe slightly outside your legs, the right overhand and the left underhand (or the other way around if it feels better).
  • With a slight arch in your back push with your legs so that the bar clears your knees and comes to rest at your upper thigh.
  • lift the bar by pushing your legs through the floor, while maintaining your chin up (face directly in the mirror) and chest up. Do not, sway your back or lift the bar off the floor by locking out your legs so your back is bent over the bar. Maintain the erect position, chin up and chest up pulling all the way up till you are at arms length the bar is stopped at thigh level. And most importantly do not “Shrug” or lean backward.
  • Lower the bar by pushing your hips back first, and then bend your knees once the bar reaches knee level.

Tips to Avoid Injury

  • Start with super-light weight to develop proper form.
  • Avoid any kind of jerking movements, this should be smooth from top to bottom.
  • Your arms should be hanging straight down to your sides the entire time. You could tear a bicep if you pull the weight with your arms.
  • Do not let your knees bow in and out.
  • Push your feet through the floor and keep the weight as close to your center of gravity as possible.
  • Concentrate on keeping a nice arch in the back with your chest up and chin up, and eyes looking straight ahead. Never round your back at any time.

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